5 Brilliant DIY Ideas For Fixing Up Your Curtains

5 Brilliant DIY Ideas For Fixing Up Your Curtains


Other than offering privacy, hanging your curtains correctly can work magic right from sprucing up your décor to creating an illusion of larger space in any room. They not only add to the beauty of all your rooms but also add detailed glam to the finished décor of your walls and their color. Appointing good window treatments can change a rather boring and dead looking window to a sparkling showstopper, which all your visitors seek to behold.

Curtain panels that run down to the floor are currently trending. They are usually attached to decorative rod or even a design curtain rod that come with finals. If your windows do no not have lovely architectural styles and designs, curtain panels can play an integral part in adding to the totality of your room design. The intelligent tips and rules provided in this article are important players in window treatment, not ignoring valances. Read on.

The height illusion

This is the first and most important rule of curtain hanging. Hanging your window treatment high will always create an impressive illusion of height. Usually, the standard hanging for a curtain rod is at least four inches on the lower side and a maximum of twelve inches above the window. Overlooking this rule and proceeding to hang your curtain on or on top of the woodwork brings out a look that is rather unprofessional, and sorry to say, cheap. To make your windows appear taller, try setting up the rod eight inches from your window frame to reach the ceiling molding. If you are dealing with a cathedral ceiling, try leaving about four to around six inches on top of the window trim. For a low ceiling, fix the rod closest to your ceiling. If your space is small, hanging your draperies at the highest point possible will always create a height illusion. Just in case you have no idea of how to fix your curtain rod, it is advisable to call in a professional to do the work just so you do not go wrong.

Length of drapes

Conventionally, you ought to choose drapes that just touch your floor for elegance. In case you experience issues with radiators, fix roman shades to enhance your privacy. Do frame the windows using floor-length curtain panels so that your windows appear dressed.

Curtain heights

Café curtains will look best when installed using a rod that is café styled. It should be put halfway up your windows, ensuring that the rod in question is parallel to the horizontal mullion that has been fixed. To create a more finished look for this style, fix the drapes inside the window frame and make them touch the bottom windows slightly. You can create a more tailored look by fixing curtains that are one to one and a half, to twice the width of your windows.

The length

The issue of length is applicable to curtains that are floor length. Begin measuring from the highest point of the rod down to the floor; subtract if need be to create space for hinging various hardware fixtures and a maximum of eight inches to a minimum of six inches if you prefer your curtains pooling down to your floors. For rooms that have traffic problems such as kitchens and bathrooms, go for drapes that skim the sill.

Round top windows

If your windows have rounded tops, its best to hand the window rod right below the part that is rounded, freeing the upper section to filter in adequate lighting. Alternatively, place the rod above the whole window to emphasize tall ceilings then frame using fabrics.

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