What Are The Benefits That Motorized Shades Bring To Homeowners?

What Are The Benefits That Motorized Shades Bring To Homeowners?

Day in, day out, for 365 days a year, the sun will rise and set. As the sun rises, your home will be bathed in natural light from the sun, depending on the position of your house as well as the location and designs of your windows. Each season, your home will be bathed in the natural sunlight at different angles, different times of the day. Thus, having motorized shades will bring you and your home many benefits.

Maximized views

As such, motorized shades will help to capture fleeting stunning vistas and make the most of the views from your home with effortless, precise control of the amount of natural light entering your home. The convenient, quick operation of motorized shade can make a huge difference between you being able to catch a beautiful sunrise or sunset or missing them.


Using motorized shades, you do not need to physically or manually adjust the level of your window shades to control the level of incoming natural light in a room. It may be an easy task to raise or lower a shade manually but if the shades are heavy or large or more than one, you or your family member will end up missing the nice views due to inconvenience. The remote control device that comes with motorized shades will give you and your family more ease and control at the simple touch of a button. You can even opt to install a computerized system to adjust the lighting level according to the amount of sunlight exposure received by the windows.

Energy conservation

The amount of accumulated heat from the sunlight entering your home every day can be a major burden on your air conditioning and eventually your electricity or energy bills. With motorized shades, your home can get savings of up to 30% off your energy bills every year. This is because you can preset timers to block sunlight at appropriate timings of the day thus automatically reducing heat from accumulating and affecting your air conditioning. In addition, there is no need for you to remember every day to lower your shades before you leave the house.

Sun protection

When the sun gets overpowering at times, it may result in brightness, glare and heat gain in your home. The sun’s rays will also result in the fading of furniture, crack artwork and warp flooring in your home. With a simple push of the button on the remote control for the motorized shades or using preset timers, the valuable interior of your home will be better protected.


The preset timers for the motorized shades to raise or lower your shades at predetermined time intervals can also work as a security measure. Timer lights can help to discourage burglary while you are away from home thus acting as a form of additional protection.

Design and aesthetic benefits

With motorized shades, issues such as unsightly control cords that used to accompany having multiple manual shades, having cords tangled up with furnishings, having pools of cords on the floor causing potential life-endangering hazards and affecting the room’s aesthetic will be eliminated. Your home will be left with unobstructed views both on the outside and the inside.

With motorized shades, the location of the shades will not be limited by the ability to adjust the shades or to be close to the ground. There is more flexibility to locate and manage the window shades of your home in accordance to your interior design requirements. As the motorized shades can be installed directly inside the window, dust accumulation will be reduced, cleaning of shades will eliminated and your home will have neater window design.

How to select motorized shades

When selecting the motorized shade for your windows, bear in mind the motor design, location and size of the shades. Your motorized shades should blend into the design and décor of your home. They should not be causing an eye sore affecting the overall visual appeal of your windows and eventually your home. Besides selecting motorized shades that will help you to beautify your home, remember to check out the warranty period, maintenance and customer support provided for the long term caring of the motorized shades before your purchase.

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