Breathe Life Into Your Home Design With These Window Treatment Ideas!

Breathe Life Into Your Home Design With These Window Treatment Ideas!

Whenever you stand in any elegantly designed space, your eyes are unconsciously drawn to the windows. Windows are undoubtedly the focal points of any promising decorating plan. Not only do your windows affect the overall mood of your home, but they also enhance its aesthetic appeal from outside. Surprisingly, window treatments always pose a great challenge to homeowners when it comes to design, and at times require a huge investment. Truth is, overlooking your windows treatments and opting to weigh on other design focal points gives your space a lifeless view. Therefore, to start you on your window treatments journey, below are amazing window treatment trends to ensure you do not go shopping blindly.

Go neutral


Neutrals still rule. Whites and other neutral window coverings always offer the best results. Do not neglect the aspect of durability when selecting neutral coverings. Your neutrals ought to be timeless. Whereas in future you may want to change your furniture lighting fixtures, fabrics and even paint, you may want to go with safer neutral tones for your windows that stand the test of time when it comes to your designing whims. However, it is important to note that being safe does not necessarily mean you are boring. There are varieties of roman shades that come in a wide array of fabrics as well as various subtle color tones.

Color will always rock your world

Rich colors as well as patterns have this unique ability of breathing life into spaces such as dining rooms. Rooms that are not stocked with upholstery and texture usually bring in the oomph of a rather sturdy widow treatment. This fact also applies to rooms that are mostly operational after dark. A bold hue welcomes privacy during the night than a sheer, most especially for your bedrooms. You can pair white with shades of black and navy blue, which nowadays has become the new “red”, with various ocean hues that are in teal, soft green as well as aquamarine. Gold, orange and persimmon are also proving to be quite popular jewel tones in today’s window treatment industry, whereas brown continues to dominate. Dusty hues, soft lavender together with gray also round the pampering core of this palette.

Play with bold prints

The popularity of various stripes and prints across nearly all product lines is on the rise. Bright floral prints capture traditional tastes, while geometrical patterns introduce a youthful spunk. These are among the bold prints that most homeowners opt for nowadays.

Luxury fabrics do the trick

Luxury fabrics like damasks, furs, silks, leathers, suede and velvets greatly lean toward simplicity and are timeless if you endeavor to add a touch of luxury or embellishment to the totality of your design. This idea often includes beaded tassels, lavish embellishments and sparkling crystals on each element of your windows.

Upgrade yourself technologically

Technology keeps changing by the day. In the current window industry, you can find windows that you can easily control from the convenience of your seat using remotes, light or even better, the internet. Nevertheless, simply because windows are technologically upgraded does not mean that they have to be dead. Do not forget that technologically enhancing your windows greatly adds to the value of your home in terms of design.

Go gaga about organic revolution

Everyone is now gaga about organic materials. Exposed wood grains in window blinds alongside natural wooden shades have the potential to grace your windows elegantly, just as the wide arrays of bamboo, maple birch and matchstick choices do. Wood has also resurrected and is growing to be a profound form of decorative hardware. Natural woven shades are available in various shades of woods with some highlighting grassy woven accents. These green additions allow in diffused light so you can see activities taking place in your exteriors.

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