Cleaning Your Blinds And Shades To Protect Their Service Lifespan

Cleaning Your Blinds And Shades To Protect Their Service Lifespan

Dusting and cleaning blinds and shades is a chore that is hard to ignore. Ideally, it is not hard to clean these items and it can only take you around thirty minutes to ensure your peace of mind. Window treatments at Grace Allen’s look fantastic and once fitted, you need to learn a few cleaning tricks to keep them looking as good as new as the years pass by. Here is how to make sure that all these types of window treatments look their best.

Vertical blinds

Vertical Blinds

You may clean vertical blind louvers by simply vacuuming them using the right upholstery attachment. For more thorough cleaning, you may clean selected fabrics using a washing machine or using your hands. Contact the site from which you bought the vertical blinds for clearer and more detailed instructions as regards their care and maintenance.

Venetian blinds

Simply dust these with a dry or slightly damp cloth. Applying too much pressure on the slats may damage them by bending them. Given a situation, whereby the venetian blinds are too dirty, household detergents that are not too harsh may come in handy.

Roman blinds

Use an upholstery tool to vacuum them. Additionally, you may dry clean them leaving out the blackout blinds whilst following the instructions outlined on the label. When detaching the blinds from their respective head rails, pay keen attention to the manner in which the cords are attached to them and the rods, as well as the bottom bar. You may proceed to dry clean the fabric after this.

Wood weaves, wood Venetian and wood illusion blinds

Be sure to clean woods venetian blinds using only clean, lint free or a cloth that is not too damp. A similar treatment applies to wood illusions blinds, only that you have to pay keen attention to the slats so that they do not bend. Dirty wood illusion blinds may be cleaned using a household cleaned detergent that is not too harsh on them. Simply vacuum wood weave blinds with the brush attachment.

Pleated blinds

Use a clean duster that is dry when cleaning these. Note that pressing too hard on the pleated blinds damages them. To blow debris off the back of your roof blinds, use a hair dryer and then vacuum properly.


Fact is, regular cleaning keeps shutters looking great throughout the year. Cleaning them does not take up too much of your time. A simple wipe with a clean, dry clothe will definitely work for you. All your curtains, on the other hand, ought to be dry-cleaned. However, some fabrics may shrink, therefore it is advisable to keep dry cleaning on the minimum and instead opt for regular cleaning with effective upholstery attachments from a vacuum cleaner. Never press the hems or even the side seams since this tends to damage your curtains.

Roller shades

Nowadays, these are available in a wide array of fabrics as well as textures. All you need here is the soft brush of your vacuum with a little energy on your part. Vinyl roller shades are best cleaned using a cloth that is well wrung or preferably a sponge that has been dipped in a dishwashing detergent that is relatively mild. Work from the bottom and climb your way upwards until you are done with the entire shade body. Alternatively, you may give them a dingy bath by dipping them in your bathtub full of water with mild washing soap. Clean them on both sides with a soft brush after which you can rinse and leave them to dry.

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