Exterior Patio Shades

Exterior Patio Shades

It’s that time of year again.  The temperatures are mild, and we are all finding our way to our outside spaces.   Soon however, days will be more than pleasantly warm, they will be hot.  How can you enjoy your patio more?  The answer may be exterior patio shades.

Patio Shades come in a few different configurations, but today I will focus on and show the ones I’ve found most practical.

The 2800 Series- Manual and Motorized:

  • These guys can go up to 25′ wide in a single shade.  Lengths available will vary depending on widths.  You can get a large shade in motorized than manual.
  • a 5″ header box is included in this system, and the header box protects the shade fabric while raised.
  • Hardware  (box and tracks) are available in 3 colors:  Bronze, White and Tan
  • Heavy Duty Side Tracks or a Cable System guides the shade up and down.  Some billowing in breezy conditions is expected as the bottom bar is held down, but the shade SIDES are not contained within a track.

Quality fabrics in a variety of colors and openness factors give you plenty of options in this product.

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 2900 Series- Motorized Patio Shades

  • The ultimate in Screen shades, these shades can make your patio function like a screened in room
  • Available up to 25′ wide
  • ShyZip zipper and track system keep the sides AND the bottom rail of the shade firmly in place.
  • Uses standard 110v power supply and a RF motor so that shades can be controlled by remote control or wireless wall switch.
  • Heavy Duty 5″ header box keeps fabric protected while raised

Let us help you get your space ready for enjoying this summer.  Call 405.509.5164 for more information or to set up an on site appointment.

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