Motorized Blackout Roller Shade for Sliding Glass Door

Motorized Blackout Roller Shade for Sliding Glass Door

On this project the client was a builder who wanted a motorized blackout roller shade to cover a set of by-parting sliding glass doors.   Due to the length and width needed, it was not possible to order a single shade.  So instead, we ordered a coupled blackout roller shade.

A coupled shade is made up of two individual roller shades that share a common center bracket.  As a result, a single motor can drive both roller shades up and down at the same time.   This way they always stay aligned with each other.  You also only have the expense of one motor, which is an added benefit.

Another plus is that the gap in between the two roller shades is smaller with a coupled bracket shade than it would be with two side by side shade brackets.  Gaps are a concern on any tubed product (see the buying guide here for  more information on that subject).

Coupled shades are not available with battery powered motorization, only AC Power (plugs into a standard 110V Outlet) so pre planning or access to an electrician is best if this type shade system appeals to you.

On this particular install, we ordered the roller shades and when they arrived we went out and installed the brackets.  After bracket installation the trim carpenter came back in and built a cornice box around our roller shade brackets and the power outlet to discreetly hide the moving part of the system and we reinstalled the shades after final clean was complete.  If this idea isn’t an option for you there are several similar options available through our roller shade suppliers to help give you a finished look as well.

As of this writing, this fantastic modern home in Nichols Hills is still available for purchase, and is beautifully staged by 30A Home, a local Oklahoma City interior design firm.

Here’s a vide of the system, raising and lowering.  The speed has been increased in the video to show you the motorized roller shade operation in a shortened time.

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