How Much Does Custom Drapery Cost?

Blue Velvet Cartridge Pleat Drapery

How Much Does Custom Drapery Cost?

So you’ve decided it’s time to step up your homes interior design game, and your interested in custom drapery but aren’t sure about the cost.

You know you love fabric, but you have questions

What’s the real difference in custom and ready made?
 Why should you consider custom window treatments?   
And, that nagging question… how much should you expect to pay for custom drapes?

What is the difference between a custom curtain or drapery and a ready made panel?


  1.   First quality fabrics.  That means no flaws, snags, or color variation.  Fabric is inspected before production to make sure it meets these requirements.  All fabric on your project will be from the same dye lot- meaning there is no chance of weird color variation from drapery panel to drapery panel.
  2.  Construction Quality
    • Headers and Hems:  By creating a header that has double fold, and hem that has the same, the drapery will hang straighter and more true than a simple fold over and stitch header and bottom hem which is so often found in ready made or “semi” custom.   There are also weights put at each seam and corner in the bottom hem to help give the drapery structure and definition.
    •  Details:   A person makes these for you, y’ all.  And this is that persons trade, the pride they have in their work is evident in the finished product. These  aren’t mass produced on  a machine. That person takes time to color match the best color of thread to your chosen fabric, and to sometimes hand stitch parts of the construction for the best finished look.
    • Pattern Matching:   if you have a pattern of any kind and multiple windows you can be sure  the pattern will match from top to bottom, left to right on each panel.
  3. Lining Quality.  In custom drapery you can choose from a variety of linings.  They add weight, bulk and room darkening.  They also protect the front, or face fabric from deterioration.  Depending on your selection, they can add energy efficiency to your space as well.  These linings, even some of the most basic, add substance to a drapery panel you won’t find in ready made.
  4. Pleats and Coverage   By using 2-2.5x’s the width of the window, we can pleat the drapery header.  This results in a nice full look when open or closed.  No flat sheet look here.   It also means there is strength in the header,and you can open and close your drapery with confidence it won’t come down on top of you due to rings/clips not staying in place. 😉

Why should you consider custom drapery panels?

  • If you like a space to feel polished with correctly sized and scaled items
  • If you value quality made products
  • If you love the way fabric can bring life to a space and tie a room together
  • if you love the idea of a one-off look for your home
  • If you love the simplicity of turn key service, professional guidance in your selections, and a window treatments partner who helps you identify and focus on the important design details in a drapery treatment

If the above describes you – custom drapery may be right for you…

BUT– What Does it Cost?

This can vary geographically, and for every rule, there is always 100 exceptions in the world of custom… but – for turn key (full) service- which for Grace Allen Clients includes:

Front end design service: onsite consultation, fabric research and sourcing, treatment design with visual rendering when necessary, hardware recommendations ,  professional measure
The back end mechanics:  acquire fabric, hardware, lining, trimming and other details, premium quality fabricate of the drapery panels, and professionally install treatment.

You should expect to spend around $1000.00-1500.00 per average window with moderate price point  home fabric and a quality custom rod.

Could it be a bit less? Sure.  Could it cost more?  Yep.   Is there a few ways to keep cost in check? Always.  The more open you can be about your budget and everything you wish to accomplish, the better a good professional can really guide you to selections that work for both your aesthetic and your budget.

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