5 Brilliant DIY Ideas For Fixing Up Your Curtains


Other than offering privacy, hanging your curtains correctly can work magic right from sprucing up your décor to creating an illusion of larger space in any room. They not only add to the beauty of all your rooms but also add detailed glam to the finished décor of your walls and their color. Appointing good window treatments can change a rather boring and dead looking window to a sparkling showstopper, which all your visitors seek to behold.

Curtain panels that run down to the floor are currently trending. They are usually attached to decorative rod or even a design curtain rod that come with finals. If your windows do no not have lovely architectural styles and designs, curtain panels can play an integral part in adding to the totality of your room design. The intelligent tips and rules provided in this article are important players in window treatment, not ignoring valances. Read on.

The height illusion

This is the first and most important rule of curtain hanging. Hanging your window treatment high will always create an impressive illusion of height. Usually, the standard hanging for a curtain rod is at least four inches on the lower side and a maximum of twelve inches above the window. Overlooking this rule and proceeding to hang your curtain on or on top of the woodwork brings out a look that is rather unprofessional, and sorry to say, cheap. To make your windows appear taller, try setting up the rod eight inches from your window frame to reach the ceiling molding. If you are dealing with a cathedral ceiling, try leaving about four to around six inches on top of the window trim. For a low ceiling, fix the rod closest to your ceiling. If your space is small, hanging your draperies at the highest point possible will always create a height illusion. Just in case you have no idea of how to fix your curtain rod, it is advisable to call in a professional to do the work just so you do not go wrong.

Length of drapes

Conventionally, you ought to choose drapes that just touch your floor for elegance. In case you experience issues with radiators, fix roman shades to enhance your privacy. Do frame the windows using floor-length curtain panels so that your windows appear dressed.

Curtain heights

Café curtains will look best when installed using a rod that is café styled. It should be put halfway up your windows, ensuring that the rod in question is parallel to the horizontal mullion that has been fixed. To create a more finished look for this style, fix the drapes inside the window frame and make them touch the bottom windows slightly. You can create a more tailored look by fixing curtains that are one to one and a half, to twice the width of your windows.

The length

The issue of length is applicable to curtains that are floor length. Begin measuring from the highest point of the rod down to the floor; subtract if need be to create space for hinging various hardware fixtures and a maximum of eight inches to a minimum of six inches if you prefer your curtains pooling down to your floors. For rooms that have traffic problems such as kitchens and bathrooms, go for drapes that skim the sill.

Round top windows

If your windows have rounded tops, its best to hand the window rod right below the part that is rounded, freeing the upper section to filter in adequate lighting. Alternatively, place the rod above the whole window to emphasize tall ceilings then frame using fabrics.

Breathe Life Into Your Home Design With These Window Treatment Ideas!

Whenever you stand in any elegantly designed space, your eyes are unconsciously drawn to the windows. Windows are undoubtedly the focal points of any promising decorating plan. Not only do your windows affect the overall mood of your home, but they also enhance its aesthetic appeal from outside. Surprisingly, window treatments always pose a great challenge to homeowners when it comes to design, and at times require a huge investment. Truth is, overlooking your windows treatments and opting to weigh on other design focal points gives your space a lifeless view. Therefore, to start you on your window treatments journey, below are amazing window treatment trends to ensure you do not go shopping blindly.

Go neutral


Neutrals still rule. Whites and other neutral window coverings always offer the best results. Do not neglect the aspect of durability when selecting neutral coverings. Your neutrals ought to be timeless. Whereas in future you may want to change your furniture lighting fixtures, fabrics and even paint, you may want to go with safer neutral tones for your windows that stand the test of time when it comes to your designing whims. However, it is important to note that being safe does not necessarily mean you are boring. There are varieties of roman shades that come in a wide array of fabrics as well as various subtle color tones.

Color will always rock your world

Rich colors as well as patterns have this unique ability of breathing life into spaces such as dining rooms. Rooms that are not stocked with upholstery and texture usually bring in the oomph of a rather sturdy widow treatment. This fact also applies to rooms that are mostly operational after dark. A bold hue welcomes privacy during the night than a sheer, most especially for your bedrooms. You can pair white with shades of black and navy blue, which nowadays has become the new “red”, with various ocean hues that are in teal, soft green as well as aquamarine. Gold, orange and persimmon are also proving to be quite popular jewel tones in today’s window treatment industry, whereas brown continues to dominate. Dusty hues, soft lavender together with gray also round the pampering core of this palette.

Play with bold prints

The popularity of various stripes and prints across nearly all product lines is on the rise. Bright floral prints capture traditional tastes, while geometrical patterns introduce a youthful spunk. These are among the bold prints that most homeowners opt for nowadays.

Luxury fabrics do the trick

Luxury fabrics like damasks, furs, silks, leathers, suede and velvets greatly lean toward simplicity and are timeless if you endeavor to add a touch of luxury or embellishment to the totality of your design. This idea often includes beaded tassels, lavish embellishments and sparkling crystals on each element of your windows.

Upgrade yourself technologically

Technology keeps changing by the day. In the current window industry, you can find windows that you can easily control from the convenience of your seat using remotes, light or even better, the internet. Nevertheless, simply because windows are technologically upgraded does not mean that they have to be dead. Do not forget that technologically enhancing your windows greatly adds to the value of your home in terms of design.

Go gaga about organic revolution

Everyone is now gaga about organic materials. Exposed wood grains in window blinds alongside natural wooden shades have the potential to grace your windows elegantly, just as the wide arrays of bamboo, maple birch and matchstick choices do. Wood has also resurrected and is growing to be a profound form of decorative hardware. Natural woven shades are available in various shades of woods with some highlighting grassy woven accents. These green additions allow in diffused light so you can see activities taking place in your exteriors.

Roman Shades, Drapery and Custom Pillows – Oh, My!

This Edmond, OK Client wanted a guest suite that could be playful for her teen niece, but also spoke to her more mature taste. This was accomplished with a combination of custom elements, including Roman Shades, Pleated Shades, Drapery and Custom Pillows.

After finding her inspiration fabric (the damask on the drapery), the second order of business was to address the street side view. With stained shutters throughout the rest of the home’s exterior she wanted to see a consistently dark look in the windows. This was accomplished in the bathroom by using a brown lining to the street side of the roman shade. In the guest bedroom we chose a pleated shade because it is one of the few window treatments that use the same fabric color on both sides. This allowed us to bring in the rich bronze color of the drapery fabric into the hard treatment. Since part of these treatments would be visible from the street and the backside is visible inside the room as well (due to the hold backs,) the drapery treatments were also lined in a brown faux silk fabric.

nault bedroom room view

Now onto that arch window….. How many times do I get asked “is there anything I can put on my arch that covers the top?” Well- a shutter is your most obvious answer, as its an operable treatment and allows you the most light control, but in this room we were able to cover the arch area the pleated shade didn’t cover by hanging drapery from medallions, and designing the panels to follow the contour of the arch top. The finished look appears anything but “unfinished” with this design. Would it work on your windows? Give us a call and find out!

 arch drapery detail

At the top of the drapery treatment we added our third fabric, visible in the droop in between each medallion. A little pop of animal print for something fun. You will see this print used (sparingly) throughout each custom treatment in the room as our unifying element. In the bathroom, we used it in the valance and bottom rail of the roman shade. This little bathroom, which already had lime green walls and black and off white decor, needed to be tied into the bedrooms turquoise and bronze color scheme. Our animal print does that for us.

roman shade with ticking
To top it off, after the homeowner purchased a simple coverlet from Pottery Barn we added custom pillows using the fabrics from both treatments, plus a little turquoise for fun, to tie it all together.

nault pillows

The finished look according to our homeowner? “This room makes me happy when I come in here”. Mission accomplished (and what a fun mission it was)

guest suite with custom drapery and pillows

Picking Window Treatments For Large Windows?

Choosing window treatments for a room with large windows is usually a big challenge for many. Getting it wrong is very easy if you are not careful, and this is usually very easy to see. It is therefore important that you do as much as you can to ensure that you get it right the first time. If you are doing this for the first time, this might be a bit difficult for you. However, there are a few basic principles and tips you can use to help you along, so that you don’t end up picking the wrong treatments. Some that are tried and tested include:


Come up with an idea of how you want the room to feel

The first thing you need to ask yourself is: once the treatments are in place, how do you want the room to feel? For instance, do you want to take advantage of the large room and the large window to give a feel of having a lot of space and airiness? Or, on the other hand, do you want to mute this effect, and instead try to make the room feel a bit smaller and warmer? The decision you make regarding this will determine the types of treatments you should get, so you need to be careful about this. For more help on this, you can always consult an interior designer for more help.

Hang the treatments high up

One of the tips you are likely to find very useful is to make sure that the treatments are hung above the margin of the window. One of the mistakes that many people tend to make is hanging curtains in such a manner that even when open, they obscure the top part of the window. In a large room with large windows, this often has an odd effect, and is something that you should try to avoid. To get an idea of this, all you need to do is search for pictures of how large windows have been treated. You will notice that the ones hung some distance above the window will have a better aesthetic effect.

Consider automating it

It’s a good idea to think about automating the mechanism for closing and opening the windows. This is very important in the setting of a very large window. It’s easy to find yourself spending a lot of time trying to open and close the curtains when they are hung up high. In addition to that, this also increases the chances of damaging them since you may end up having to tug them too much. Automating them will eliminate all these problems.

Get bars or rails that are strong enough

It’s very easy for you to have your judgment clouded when getting the bars or rails on which the curtains will be installed. Many people often end up getting regular ones for this. However, you need to keep in mind that in such a setting, the curtains are likely to be very heavy. This means that getting rails or bars that are not strong enough will likely lead to them breaking or buckling under the weight. For this reason, the larger the windows are, the more reinforced these items need to be.

In summary, investing in treatments for large windows in large rooms should always be undertaken carefully. The above are just some of the things you might need to keep in mind in order to get this right. Of course, if you buy the treatments from a quality contractor, you can also rely on them for some information on how to make the best decisions.