A Simple Guide To Help You Pick The Right Solar Blinds For Your Office

If you are in charge of outfitting your office, one of the things you will need to be keen on is how to get the right shades or blinds for the facility. Most of the time, the goal for anyone on such a position is to get the perfect balance between functionality and practicality. The right office shades need to make the office have the right look, and also serve other purposes such as reducing how much sunlight gets into the office. One of the good choices you can make is to get solar blinds. They have the potential to make working in any office a much better experience through the following ways:


Reducing glare

One of the concerns you should have when thinking of getting shades or blinds for an office is how you can use them to reduce glare. Solar shades are usually the best option for this, since they have a tendency to cut down on the amount of light reaching the room. Remember, glare makes it very difficult for people to read and use their computers, and this means that the productivity in the office will reduce if there is too much of it. In addition to that, it’s usually associated with strain as well. This means that when not well controlled, you may end up having to pay more for your employees’ treatment.

Reducing the amount of heat reaching the office

It is also important to get shades that will allow you to reduce how much heat reaches the office. This will have a direct influence on how comfortable the place will be, which will in turn affect productivity. In addition to that, the fact that the office will be cooler means that the air conditioner will need to run less often, which will help cut down on the costs associated with this. Since such shades are very cheap, all these benefits make them very good value for money in more than one way.

Cutting down on UV radiation

The other important issue you might need to address when shopping for the shades is how you can use them to cut down on ultraviolet radiation. This has a number of effects, including increasing the chances of skin cancer. In addition to that, UV radiation also has an effect on other objects including furniture, which may end up aging much faster than anticipated. For instance, a floor that is exposed to UV radiation may end up discoloring and getting damaged much faster than one that is not.

By getting solar blinds, you can easily reduce this effect.


You also need to consider your needs regarding privacy when you intend to buy such shades. A very good example of this is when you are getting shades or blinds for a meeting room, in which case you might need to improve the privacy of the facility. Getting solar blinds will not only facilitate this, but will also ensure that there will be a very low risk of distraction during meetings.

The cost of maintenance

Finally, when shopping for blinds for an office, you need to figure out how difficult it will be for you to maintain them. The goal is to make sure that whatever you end up with will be easy to live with as far as maintenance is concerned. Buying solar blinds from trusted firms is an easy way to achieve this.

In summary, the decision to buy blinds for an office should never be random. Always make sure that you consider all your needs since this will help you end up with the most appropriate ones.

Top Tips For The Proper Care Of Your Fabric Roman Shades

As far as shades are concerned, one of the types that many people tend to like are the fabric roman shades. When chosen properly and installed in the right manner, they have a tendency to make the house feel very special. However, this is normally subject to a number of things, one of the most important of which is how you take care of them. When you have fabric roman shades, it’s important that you do as much as you can to keep them clean. However, not all cleaning methods are good enough for them.

The wrong method of cleaning could end up ruining them


If you are not careful in selecting the best way to clean the shades, you may end up reducing their visual appeal. The commonest way in which this happen is when they start getting faded or frayed. Fortunately, this can be avoided.

Cleaning tips you will find useful

There are a number of cleaning tips that you will find very useful when you need to keep your shades in good condition for long. Some of them include:

• Make sure you vacuum them every week: Ideally, you should consider vacuuming your shades every week or so. This way, you will reduce the risk of accumulation of dirt on the shades, and this in turn means that you will need less of more vigorous cleaning to keep them clean. If you happen to live in a particularly dusty area, you may need to do the cleaning more regularly than this, sometimes even three times a week. When doing the vacuuming, you should always focus on the areas where there is likely to be a lot of accumulation of dirt.

• Simply dust more delicate shades: Vacuuming is an easy way to keep the shades clean if they are of a regular design. However, if they happen to have some needlework that seems very delicate such as embroidery, doing this may end up damaging them. Instead, you should dust them using a feather duster on a regular basis.

• In case of staining, get rid of it as fast as you can: One of the mistakes that many people make is leaving stains on the shades for longer than they should. Remember, when you leave the stain on the shades, it tends to set, and this in turn means that it will be very difficult for you to get rid of it in future. You should therefore have a policy of getting rid of the stains as soon as you see them. This is not only easier, but will also improve the general look of the shades as well.

• If you have blended shades, consider having them cleaned by a professional: There are some shades that are made using materials such as silk, linen and a fiberglass blend. Most of these are usually very delicate, and attempting to wash them on your own will lead to damage. If they turn out to be so dirty that simply dusting them is not enough, you should consider enlisting the services of a professional to clean them for you. This way, the work will be done properly, and the shades will keep looking as good as new for longer.

In summary, if you happen to own Roman fabric shades and are interested in keeping them clean, making sure that you take the above in mind will be a very good idea. This way, you won’t have to keep replacing them often just to make sure that your home looks amazing. Doing the above will also ensure that they retain their value, such that if you want to sell them again in future, it won’t be such an uphill task!

Country French Drapery Panels

It’s always fun when a fabric really strikes a client as something that is a very authentic expression of their likes and personality.  So it was with this whimsical rooster print for an Edmond homeowner.  It quickly formed the building block for her Country French Drapery Panels.

Although Kirtz Shutters were the first step for her window treatments throughout the house, she was looking to add some color and personality with custom drapery.   A large amount of our rooster fabric would overwhelm the quaint breakfast space, so a gorgeously textured large plaid was used as the body, with our rooster fabric sewn into the panel as an attached valance.

A closer view of the breakfast nook with custom drapery panels

A closer view of the breakfast nook with custom drapery panels

A colorful stripe is accented throughout the treatment.  It borders the bottom of the attached valance, and the tiebacks that hold these panels in place.  It can be found once more across the room in the cafe panel on the door.

This decorative valance is actually attached to the body fabric at the top and is part of the pleat

This decorative valance is actually attached to the body fabric at the top and is part of the pleat

Incorporating both our rooster fabric and a fun stripe these aren't your average tiebacks!

Incorporating both our rooster fabric and a fun stripe these aren’t your average tiebacks!

The stripe on the cafe introduces a casual feel, and is accented with our rooster fabric

The stripe on the cafe introduces a casual feel, and is accented with our rooster fabric

By hanging these panels from medallions, we were able to keep plenty of fullness in our fabric between each window in the bay, and the tieback’s keep visibility at it’s maximum by keeping the fabric off the louver.  All of the medallion hardware is from Paris Texas Hardware, and all drapery panels were custom fabricated by our Oklahoma City workroom.



Choosing Window Treatments For Rooms With Small Windows


Windows are a great part of any building architecture. They serve many purposes in a building. They allow the occupants of the room to have natural light, and they help to keep the room in manageable temperatures. They are a beautiful addition to any room since they give it a glimpse of the outside.

However, a room with small windows might bring along a handful of challenges. It may make the room stuffy so the windows should be open when necessary. It also limits the amount of light entering the room. The most difficult part comes when deciding what kind of treatment to use on small windows.

When shopping for window treatments, you find that you have many options to choose from depending on your requirements. For most people, window treatments include shutters, blinds, curtains, and shades. If you have small awkward windows, you should get stylish treatments to complement them and not make them disappear. The following are some choices that you can consider for small window treatments.

Go for louvered shutters

Louvered shutters open and fold back as louvered windows do. They are popular since they are easy to install and maintain. They can come in a variety of materials and colors. If you install them on small windows, make sure that they have a color that contrasts the wall to enhance their position.

Use colored glass

Small windows require less covering than large ones. Colored glass will do well with them. You can make the glass translucent such that you can see outside, but your privacy is still intact. You can go for classic stain glass, or you can go for modern tint glass. You can also go for reflective glass, which makes them look bigger from the outside.

Use curtains strategically

Curtains have been a classical window treatment options for a long time. However, for small windows, use curtains strategically to avoid covering them completely. Unless you are covering a grand window or wall to wall from the ceiling, avoid using elaborate fringes, tassels, swags and bows. Go for a simple curtain idea that incorporates depth. Have graceful drapes with simple swags with translucent sheers. Make sure that you get floor length curtains so that they can elongate the window even if it is small.

The secret to good curtains lies in the color and the texture. Use bold colors with soft textures and use gentle colors with heavy textures. Pick colors that are trending in the market today. These include greens with terra cotta, grays and silvers, blacks, and gold and may others that may suit your room color pallet. Keep in mind that light and cool colors brighten up a room making your windows look bigger and brighter

Use blinds for your window treatments

Blinds are a classic window treatment idea that will never go out of style. They bring life to the interior of your home as well as providing you with the privacy that you need. You have a wide variety to choose from in the market. Blinds vary in colors, textures, materials, and styles. Roman blinds are among the trending blinds in the market today. This is because they are easy to make, and they transform your window into a work of art.

You can also decide to use festoon blinds, pull up blinds, Austrian, balloon, and many other styles of blinds. You even have a choice on whether to use wood, fabric, metal, bamboo, paper, linoleum, or plastic blinds among others. No matter which style or material you use, make sure that it is the best treatment for small windows.

The choice that you make should be a complement rather than cover-up to your small windows. Blinds are inexpensive, and they use fewer materials. You can also get motorized blinds that are automated so that you do not have to keep adjusting them manually. For more information, talk to us about your needs and we can advise you further about your best window treatment option.