Picking Window Treatments For Large Windows?

Picking Window Treatments For Large Windows?

Choosing window treatments for a room with large windows is usually a big challenge for many. Getting it wrong is very easy if you are not careful, and this is usually very easy to see. It is therefore important that you do as much as you can to ensure that you get it right the first time. If you are doing this for the first time, this might be a bit difficult for you. However, there are a few basic principles and tips you can use to help you along, so that you don’t end up picking the wrong treatments. Some that are tried and tested include:


Come up with an idea of how you want the room to feel

The first thing you need to ask yourself is: once the treatments are in place, how do you want the room to feel? For instance, do you want to take advantage of the large room and the large window to give a feel of having a lot of space and airiness? Or, on the other hand, do you want to mute this effect, and instead try to make the room feel a bit smaller and warmer? The decision you make regarding this will determine the types of treatments you should get, so you need to be careful about this. For more help on this, you can always consult an interior designer for more help.

Hang the treatments high up

One of the tips you are likely to find very useful is to make sure that the treatments are hung above the margin of the window. One of the mistakes that many people tend to make is hanging curtains in such a manner that even when open, they obscure the top part of the window. In a large room with large windows, this often has an odd effect, and is something that you should try to avoid. To get an idea of this, all you need to do is search for pictures of how large windows have been treated. You will notice that the ones hung some distance above the window will have a better aesthetic effect.

Consider automating it

It’s a good idea to think about automating the mechanism for closing and opening the windows. This is very important in the setting of a very large window. It’s easy to find yourself spending a lot of time trying to open and close the curtains when they are hung up high. In addition to that, this also increases the chances of damaging them since you may end up having to tug them too much. Automating them will eliminate all these problems.

Get bars or rails that are strong enough

It’s very easy for you to have your judgment clouded when getting the bars or rails on which the curtains will be installed. Many people often end up getting regular ones for this. However, you need to keep in mind that in such a setting, the curtains are likely to be very heavy. This means that getting rails or bars that are not strong enough will likely lead to them breaking or buckling under the weight. For this reason, the larger the windows are, the more reinforced these items need to be.

In summary, investing in treatments for large windows in large rooms should always be undertaken carefully. The above are just some of the things you might need to keep in mind in order to get this right. Of course, if you buy the treatments from a quality contractor, you can also rely on them for some information on how to make the best decisions.

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