Blue Velvet Cartridge Pleat Drapery


3 Things to Know About Plantation Shutters

  1. It’s what’s inside that counts!  You can source shutters from solid vinyl, hollow vinyl, mdf, finger joint and many manufactures use a combination of those materials to make their shutter.  While there is a time and place for them all, we highly recommend a wood shutters for inside your home for their timelessness and furniture like characteristics.
  2. Size DOES matter.  Larger louvers provide a more unobstructed view when tilted open, but require more depth.    Smaller louvers offer a more traditional look.   Keep in mind the proportions of your home and your windows when you make this selection for the most balanced aesthetic.
  3. We recommend matching your shutter design to the design of your window.   If you have three window seamed together in an opening – the right choice for the best look is three panels in the opening.




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