Protect Your Furniture And Floor From Sunlight Damage Using Solar Blinds!

Protect Your Furniture And Floor From Sunlight Damage Using Solar Blinds!


The presence of too much sunlight in a room often leads to a number of problems. The most important of these is the bleaching effect it might have on parts of the house such as the furniture and other fittings. This is why after some time, you will notice that the furniture and floor that is adjacent to the window will develop a lighter hue compared to the rest of the home.

This has a number of consequences. Most people tend to find that having such disparities is disconcerting, since it makes the home’s design look odd. In addition to that, it might also reduce the resale value of the home. You are going to find it difficult to sell off a home that has a discolored floor or walls without potential buyers either thinking that it is a sign of a deeper problem, or negotiating for a massive discount in the cost of the property.

How does this occur?

The discoloration of wood normally occurs on account of the presence of ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Sunlight has a tendency to create ionized oxygen atoms in the air, which is why a room that has a lot of sunlight streaming into it tends to have a fresher smell. However, this also has the effect of reacting with some of the components of color in fabrics and wood, thus discoloring them. The best way to prevent this from occurring is by reducing the amount of sunlight reaching the floor and other fittings.

The role of solar blinds

This is best achieved using solar blinds. As the name suggests, these are blinds that are designed in such a manner as to reduce the amount of sunlight reaching the house. In addition to reducing discoloration due to the bleaching effect of the sun, reduced sunlight also leads to less glare and reduced heating of the house. This makes it the perfect type of blind for use in very hot climates such as in the tropics. The use of high quality solar blinds is usually associated with reduced cooling costs as well as a more conducive working environment.

Can any brand work?

If you need to limit the bleaching effect of the sun, you need to understand that not all types of solar blinds will provide the same degree of protection. There are some that are more well made than others. Typically, they tend to be slightly more expensive as well. However, they also tend to last much longer. When you combine this with the fact that they are also more effective at protecting the home from sunlight, it is easy to see why getting them makes a lot more sense compared to trying to save money by buying the cheap ones. Always do a bit of research to identify the types of blinds that are well made.

Are there other additional measures you can take?

Using solar blinds to cut down on solar radiation is usually very effective, particularly if you take your time to identify high quality products and to also have them installed properly. If you want to, however, there are a few other things you can do to augment this. These include installation of anti-UV films on the windows. This can work if you want to keep the blinds open sometimes during the day.

In summary, solar blinds are an excellent choice for when you need to protect your home against the sunlight. This is especially so if you make an effort to get a high quality brand, and to have it installed correctly as well. In the end, this is a decision that you are unlikely to regret.

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