Roman Shades, Drapery and Custom Pillows – Oh, My!

Roman Shades, Drapery and Custom Pillows – Oh, My!

This Edmond, OK Client wanted a guest suite that could be playful for her teen niece, but also spoke to her more mature taste. This was accomplished with a combination of custom elements, including Roman Shades, Pleated Shades, Drapery and Custom Pillows.

After finding her inspiration fabric (the damask on the drapery), the second order of business was to address the street side view. With stained shutters throughout the rest of the home’s exterior she wanted to see a consistently dark look in the windows. This was accomplished in the bathroom by using a brown lining to the street side of the roman shade. In the guest bedroom we chose a pleated shade because it is one of the few window treatments that use the same fabric color on both sides. This allowed us to bring in the rich bronze color of the drapery fabric into the hard treatment. Since part of these treatments would be visible from the street and the backside is visible inside the room as well (due to the hold backs,) the drapery treatments were also lined in a brown faux silk fabric.

nault bedroom room view

Now onto that arch window….. How many times do I get asked “is there anything I can put on my arch that covers the top?” Well- a shutter is your most obvious answer, as its an operable treatment and allows you the most light control, but in this room we were able to cover the arch area the pleated shade didn’t cover by hanging drapery from medallions, and designing the panels to follow the contour of the arch top. The finished look appears anything but “unfinished” with this design. Would it work on your windows? Give us a call and find out!

 arch drapery detail

At the top of the drapery treatment we added our third fabric, visible in the droop in between each medallion. A little pop of animal print for something fun. You will see this print used (sparingly) throughout each custom treatment in the room as our unifying element. In the bathroom, we used it in the valance and bottom rail of the roman shade. This little bathroom, which already had lime green walls and black and off white decor, needed to be tied into the bedrooms turquoise and bronze color scheme. Our animal print does that for us.

roman shade with ticking
To top it off, after the homeowner purchased a simple coverlet from Pottery Barn we added custom pillows using the fabrics from both treatments, plus a little turquoise for fun, to tie it all together.

nault pillows

The finished look according to our homeowner? “This room makes me happy when I come in here”. Mission accomplished (and what a fun mission it was)

guest suite with custom drapery and pillows

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