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New Roller Shade Product – Great for Clean Lined Homes

A few months ago I was introduced to a relatively new roller shade product on the market.  It is basically a hybrid of a roller shade.  Some people call it a Zebra shade.  The fabric is made of a solid and a sheer, rotated horizontally every 4-10″ depending on the fabric.  The fabric is hung off the shade two layers thick.  As a result, as you raise and lower the roller shade you can position it in a variety of privacy levels.

You can evenly stack the sheers in one of many fabric rotations so that you can see out and it has a very linear and horizontal feel.


roller shade, zebra shade

Hybrid Roller Shade with Sheer and Privacy Panels

You can offset stack the layers so that the privacy panels overlap the sheers for complete privacy.

Roller Shade

The roller shade can be positioned to proved complete privacy.

Hybrid roller Shade with Sheer Panels

Shown in the lowered position with sheers aligned for view through


What is really unique about this method of roller shade construction is that you can do this while having the sheer raised to any point in the window AND you can also raise the shade completely up for an unobstructed view.

It comes standard with a beaded chain and a fabric covered cassette or header.  You have the option to motorize this shade product as well.

If you love a modern, clean design then this may the a great product for you.  Or, if you were considering a product like Hunter Douglas Silhouette or Nantucket and found it just wasn’t in your budget,  this is a nice lower priced alternative.

A couple important things to note —

Unlike the Hunter Douglas Window Shadings- Silhouette and Nantucket (the most similar product out there)  I have found the sheers on this roller shade do have “moire”.  This is the slight distortion your eyes see when it looks through two layers of fabric.  If sun control + view is paramount, I would recommend  the Hunter Douglas Products.

Also- the Dim Out fabrics let a lot of light in still- because  you don’t get a really tight close when the privacy panels are stacked.  If you need a lot of darkness in your bedroom, this product alone will not do the job.

I’ve installed a handful of these new hybrid roller shades and all my clients have been very happy with both the look and function of the roller shade.  It’s a great choice for a contemporary or very clean lined interior.

Neolux Raised Shade

Partially Raised Privacy Sheer in Modern Home.



Updating with Solar Screen Shades in Downtown Historic Guthrie, Oklahoma


At the Guthrie Pet Hospital and Jaded Getaways (the B&B above the pet hospital) in Guthrie Oklahoma, a group of west facing windows combined with our Oklahoma 100+ degree days in summer convinced the owner it was time to look into new window treatments.

She settled on Solar Screen Shades, as the primary goal was to filter some heat out on the most intense times of day.  Screen shades come in a variety of openness factors.  The “openness” refers to the weave of the fabric and how much light and visibility is possible through the shade when it is lowered.  The option’s range from 1% up to about 20% depending on the manufacturer.  We chose 3% for this project.

Important consideration when using screen shades:  When choosing screen shades it is important to note the openness of a screen shade works both directions, as much as you can see out during the day, other’s can see in at night when your light are on.  Sometimes this makes them a less than desirable choice as a single window treatment for bedrooms, bathrooms or any room in which you need privacy.   Do you have your heart set on a screen shade?   There are options available that allow more than one fabric on a single shade (chose one for day, one for night that offers privacy), or consider a additional fabric treatment that can be pulled for privacy when necessary.

Screen shades were also a good choice for this project due to the durable materials in the fabric, many are rated for exterior use.  As you can see from the before photo of the old blind below, moisture is an issue in the large window making a replacement wood blind not the most durable option for this application.




Bedroom Window After Solar Screen Shade Installation

Bedroom Window After Solar Screen Shade Installation