How To Take Care Of Your Honeycomb Shades

How To Take Care Of Your Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb shades tend to provide a home with a sweeter appearance that is different from other shades or blinds in the market. They are also much more pleasing to the eye as compared to curtains. Honeycomb shades (or cellular shades) are made up of two or more layers of materials that are joined at the pleats to form ‘cellular’, honey comb or bee-hive-like compartments. These cells or compartments help to provide insulation by trapping air. Hence, honeycomb blinds are famous for being the highest energy-efficient shades for any window treatment.

In addition to providing insulation, the honeycomb shades are also well-known for their sound-absorbent properties. Though high on its functional capabilities and aesthetically appealing, you may be hesitant to get a set of honeycomb shades for your home due to cleaning and caring concerns. With the following simple tips, hopefully you will realize that cleaning and caring for the honeycomb shades is actually much simpler nowadays.

Feather duster, hair dryer and vacuum


You will only need a feather duster and a hair dryer with a cool setting for all the daily simple care of your honeycomb shades. With these two simple tools in hand, you will be able to remove the major bulk of dust, pet dandruff, pollen, cobwebs that may have landed on your honeycomb shades.

Simply use the feather duster to gently brush the dirt away or hold the hair dryer at an angle to let the cool gushes of wind do all the work for you. You may also use the hose of your vacuum cleaner with the weakest suction power activated to remove the dust that may have accumulated on your honeycomb shades. Do note that the mouth of the hair dryer should not come in direct or close contact with the fabric of the honeycomb shades. This is to prevent any accidental caught up of the fabric by the hair dryer’s motor that may result in a tear or burn. Similarly, you should always remember to use the weakest suction power of your vacuum cleaner so as to reduce potential damage to your honeycomb shades.

Fingerprints and stains

On the other hand, fingerprints and stains may require fast and careful cleaning procedures as soon as you noticed them before they have time to set on your honeycomb shades. More often than not, honeycomb shade manufacturers or retailers will include manuals or guides that explain the cleaning products suitable for use with their fabrics. Some may even provide free samples of the cleaning products that will be compatible with the fabrics of their honeycomb shades to remove such stains or fingerprints.

Alternatively, you may wish to make your own cleaning agent to remove any fingerprints or stains on your honeycomb shades. First, mix a very small amount of weak clothes washing detergent or dish soap with lots of water. This is because the use of strong detergent can damage your honeycomb shades. Next, find a not-so-visible spot on your honeycomb shades and clean it with the cleaning agent that you created. Then, remove the cleaning agent as fast as possible with a damp towel.

If you see a mark being left behind after cleaning, you will need to mix an even weaker cleaning agent before you proceed with the major cleaning. If you do not see any mark being left behind, this means your cleaning agent works and you are ready to move on to the more visible spots to remove them. Repeat the process of removing the stained spots with your cleaning agent and quickly remove any cleaning solution with your damp towel, until you have removed all the dirt, stains, fingerprints and grime. Stop immediately when you noticed that your honeycomb shades are clean as leaving soap on the fabric longer than necessary may result in damaging them instead.

Ongoing care

As the saying goes – “Prevention is better than cure”, you should clean your honeycomb shades on a regular basis instead of waiting till they are in dire states. Vacuum or dust your honeycomb shades every time you vacuum your home too. Use a micro fiber cloth to give it a gentle weekly wipe and remove stains immediately. With ongoing care, your honeycomb shades will always look good as new for many years to come!

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