Top Treatments for Your Roller Shade

Top Treatments for Your Roller Shade

You thought you had done all the difficult selections when you picked the fabric for you new roller shade.  Not true!  Now it’s time to choose the top treatment (sometimes caller roller shade hardware) for your Roller Shade.

This choice can greatly impact your finished  roller shade look, and if you are simply shopping for your roller shades based on price or fabric alone, you could completely overlook this important detail.

Depending on whether you want a contemporary look or a traditional one for your roller shades, and also depending on the width you are trying to cover in a single shade you may find you have a few less top treatment options than I share in the video below.

And sometimes you may find that they best top treatment for your roller shade isn’t an option from a roller shade supplier at all.  A box pleat valance is a nice, clean look and can be done in any fabric to add an accent in your interior space.

Here are a couple photos of valances over roller shades that I have done for my clients.

Box-Pleated-Valance-with-Embroidered-Lattice roller-shade-with-box-pleat-valance

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