Custom Draperies & Curtains

Custom drapery is a must-have for those seeking unique and personalized window treatments that truly elevate their living spaces. With expert drapery design by Grace Allen, designer interiors reach new levels of sophistication and style.


3 Things to Know About Plantation Shutters It’s what’s inside that counts! You can source shutters from solid vinyl, hollow vinyl, mdf, finger joint and many manufactures use a combination of those materials to make their shutter. While there is a time and place for them all, we highly recommend a wood shutters for inside […]

Roman Shades

3 Things to Know About Roman Shades While cord lock (pooling cords as shade is raised) operation is standard, upgrading to a clutch (beaded, looped chain) is a worthy upgrade for shades that will receive daily use. Some styles of roman shades function best as decorative, not functional treatments. From hobbled to our most popular […]

Woven Wood Shades

3 Things to Know About Woven Wood Shades Choosing a grass type weave will lighten a space, but makes for a more delicate shade. Expect to find slight variation in the weave, pattern and color. This natural look is what makes these shades so beautiful. There are lots of privacy options in woven woods: Unlined […]

Silhouette™ and Pirouette™ Window Shading

3 Things to Know About Silhouette™ and Pirouette™ Window Shades Both of these products offer total privacy, daytime privacy with view out AND can be raised for a totally unobstructed view of the window. Silhouettes are not great at darkening a space unless specified with a room darkening attached roller shade. Even then, since it […]

Roller Shades & Solar Shades

Roller Shades & Solar Shades 3 Things to Know About Roller Shades A metal beaded chain is superior to a nylon or plastic chain because the additional piece that connects the plastic ends will pop off with repeated usage. There are lot’s of options to the header, or valance of a roller shade, and those […]

Honeycomb Shades

3 Things to Know About Honeycombs Not all honeycombs are created equal. There are varying qualities of fabrics, and varying levels of energy efficiency. If daytime privacy is important, consider a duolite shade, which combines both sheer and opaque fabrics or top-down feature. If you are looking for a product with minimal stack at the […]

Window Seat Cushions

3 Things to Know About Window Seat Cushions Request a zipper so you can remove the cover for cleaning. Different densities of foam and thickness can drastically alter your sitting experience Railroading fabric can drastically alter the finished look of your piece, and eliminate seams.