Top Treatments for Your Roller Shade

You thought you had done all the difficult selections when you picked the fabric for you new roller shade.  Not true!  Now it’s time to choose the top treatment (sometimes caller roller shade hardware) for your Roller Shade.

This choice can greatly impact your finished  roller shade look, and if you are simply shopping for your roller shades based on price or fabric alone, you could completely overlook this important detail.

Depending on whether you want a contemporary look or a traditional one for your roller shades, and also depending on the width you are trying to cover in a single shade you may find you have a few less top treatment options than I share in the video below.

And sometimes you may find that they best top treatment for your roller shade isn’t an option from a roller shade supplier at all.  A box pleat valance is a nice, clean look and can be done in any fabric to add an accent in your interior space.

Here are a couple photos of valances over roller shades that I have done for my clients.

Box-Pleated-Valance-with-Embroidered-Lattice roller-shade-with-box-pleat-valance

How to Choose Roller Shade Fabrics

The prettier, more exciting sister to the solar shade is the fabric roller shade category.  Available in a variety of colors, textures, and privacy levels roller shade fabric can add pattern and personality to a window, or keep it neutral.  Part of the reason I chose roller shades as my first product to discuss is because it is one of my favorites.  It can add a TON of personality to a space, but can also price moderate (as far as custom window treatments are concerned) in regards to your overall investment.   I hope you enjoy the video showing you how to determine the right roller shade fabric for you, and seeing some of the roller shade fabric options out there today.   As always, if you have further questions, find me on facebook, or hit up my contact form and I’ll reach out to you and try to answer!


What To Know About Choosing Solar Shade Screen Fabrics

You see them at Starbucks, Chick-fil-a, country clubs and other high end establishments.   You may have seem them in a neighbors home or on Houzz and Pinterest.    How do those see through sun shades (also known as Solar Shades) work?  Does a solar shade screen fabric allow privacy at night?    What do you need to consider when choosing a solar shade fabric?  Check out this weeks video to learn more about how to choose a solar screen shade fabric.

This is the beginning  of a multi-part series on Roller Shades.  I’ve tried to break them into brief videos, and titled them according to the focus of the information contained within.  This series should provide you with the information that you need to make great choices for roller shades for your windows!  If you have a question about solar shade fabrics not discussed in the video, please reach out to me directly through our contact form and I will do my best to help answer any questions you might have about solar shades.


Introduction to Choosing the Right Shades, Blinds & More for Your Home

So in an effort to get the content that is in my brain out of it and available to all you lovely people I have started to vlog.   I will be diving into different products,:  shades, blinds, curtains, shutters, drapery and more.   I’ll be discussing in short intervals various aspects of each product that it is important to consider before making your final selections.  These products are custom, and so educating yourself before ordering custom window treatments is important.

And I also reserve to talk about products and ideas that are just cool and/or pretty!

So here is just a little introduction to me (heather) and this idea…I can’t wait to get started and share with you about shades, blinds, curtains and drapery.